A Path to Financial Freedom© (English)

This financial literacy course teaches the fundamentals of finance needed to function in today’s world. Basic skills covered include opening a checking account, budgeting, obtaining insurance, acquiring an automobile, filing taxes, applying for financial aid, establishing credit, and securing housing, with detailed explanations of the different challenges and obstacles faced by formerly incarcerated individuals, as well as strategies to overcome them.



1.5 Hours

What you'll learn

Course details

In Part 1 of this two-part program, participants will learn all the essential financial skills they'll need to establish their footing in today's society. Part 2 goes beyond the basics to help individuals move out of "survival mode" and look to the future, including going back to school (and paying for it), starting an emergency savings fund, building credit, reducing debt, and more.

This course consists of 12 short videos, as well as a 23-page workbook complete with quizzes and activities to reinforce the material covered.

Part 1: First Things First

1. Financial goals
2. Banking basics
3. Creating a budget
4. Housing (owning vs. renting)
5. Acquiring an automobile (buying vs. leasing)

Part 2: Moving Forward
6. Paying for your education (financial aid)
7. Savings, investments, and emergency funds
8. Understanding credit and managing your credit cards
9. Debt reduction (past, current, future)
10. The necessity of insurance (types and function)
11. Taxes, taxes, and more taxes

Augie Ghilarducci

Vice President of Training & Development
2nd Opportunity L3C
About the Instructor
Augie Ghilarducci knows what it's like to need a second opportunity; after serving 12 years in prison for white-collar crimes,  he launched a second career empowering others to break the chains of their past and create a positive new future. As part of 2nd Opportunity, Augie now delivers his life-skills and employment-readiness programming online, via tablets, and in person in jails and prisons, substance abuse recovery centers, halfway houses, probation departments, and more. 

Course reviews

This program is very helpful and breaks things down to a science. It also will prep you by pointing you in the right direction of the things you want to pursue.
Anibal R.
Program participant, Kane County Jail, Illinois
I truly believe your program helped me and so many others find hope in a otherwise hopeless situation. I can’t ever thank you or the program enough for that.
Jacob C.
Program participant, Kendall County Jail, Illinois