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Values-Aligned Goal Setting© (English)

This highly participative workshop helps individuals move forward after a negative life-changing event by determining their values and setting meaningful, attainable goals for the short term that they can leverage into long-term success. 



2 Hours

What you'll learn

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This course takes a deep dive into the "why," the "what," and the "how" of goal setting. In Part 1, participants define their values and identify their Bedrock Goal and at least one or two Building Goals that are aligned with their values. In Part 2, they break their goals into Specific Activities and identify potential Obstacles to completing them. Then they identify the resources they'll need to pursue, achieve, and measure their results. Finally, in Part 3, they learn how to be purposeful in pursuing and achieving their goals, and learn how to build systems that will allow them to organize and balance activities by providing the feeling of happiness and success.

The course includes an hour and a half of instructional videos, as well as a 35-page workbook complete with quizzes, activities, and goal-setting worksheets to reinforce the material covered.

Part 1 – The "Why": Why We Set Goals
1. Setting goals: Making a commitment in writing
2. Life-changing events
3. Rules for defining success
4. Universal ingredients of success
5. "The Happiness Advantage"
6. Values: Defining what you stand for
7. What really matters? Achieving peace of mind
8. "The Joy of the Journey"
9. Definitions: Bedrock Goal, Building Goals, and more

Part 2 – The "What": What Goals Should I Set?
10. Values and goal striving
11. Different types of goals
12. Discovering your passion
13. Determining your Bedrock Goal
14. Identifying specific activities in your goal pursuit
15. Identifying obstacles and how to overcome them
16. Defining the resources you need
17. Celebrating small victories
18. Determining your Building Goals

Part 3 – The "How": How Do I Plan to Pursue My Goals?
19. Making it work
20. Mastering self-discipline
21. How mental laws affect us
22. The threatening environment/impact domain
23. Time management 
24. Habits and rewards
25. Leveraging a Keystone Habit to change other behaviors
26. Recap: Goals, happiness, and re-goaling
27. Conclusion

Augie Ghilarducci

Vice President of Training & Development
2nd Opportunity
About the Instructor
Augie Ghilarducci knows what it's like to need a second opportunity; after serving 12 years in prison for white-collar crimes,  he launched a second career empowering others to break the chains of their past and create a positive new future. As part of 2nd Opportunity, Augie now delivers his life-skills and employment-readiness programming online, via tablets, and in person in jails and prisons, substance abuse recovery centers, halfway houses, probation departments, and more. 

Course reviews

This program is very helpful and breaks things down to a science. It also will prep you by pointing you in the right direction of the things you want to pursue.
Anibal R.
Program participant, Kane County Jail, Illinois
Thank you whole-heartedly, Mr. Ghilarducci. I will forever be appreciative of the time you shared to help catapult me (and many others) in a positive direction.
Quentin G.
Program participant, via Facebook