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2nd Opportunity Program (English)

The 2nd Opportunity Program is a unique initiative comprising of five courses that stand as the most authentic and thorough program of its kind.

The 2nd Opportunity Program is dedicated to assisting individuals in overcoming their past challenges and embarking on a new chapter in their lives. Tailored to address the needs of those who have experienced incarceration, individuals in the process of re-entering society, individuals grappling with substance use disorders, and justice-impacted youth navigating challenging paths, this program is a beacon of support and empowerment.

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Total Duration

20 Hours

What you'll learn

Program Details

The 2nd Opportunity Program is broken into 5 courses.

A Path Forward© focuses on the barriers of re-entry, emphasizing employment, interview preparation, communication skills, conflict resolution, rational thinking, and much more.
A Path to Financial Freedom© is a financial literacy program providing the fundamentals needed to function in today’s world. It covers basic skills like budgeting, credit, and housing.
Values-Aligned Goal Setting© helps individuals move forward by determining their values and setting meaningful short-term goals they can leverage into long-term success.
A Path to Advanced Skills© is designed to raise awareness of the apprenticeship programs that are offered while in state and federal prisons and upon release.
A Path to Higher Education© explains the different options available to currently and formerly incarcerated individuals in pursuit of higher education, including Pell Grants.


Course 1: A Path Forward

Part 1: Getting to the Heart of the Matter
Part 2: Finding a Meaningful Career
Part 3: Learning the Tools for Success

Course 2: A Path to Financial Freedom
Part 1: First Things First
Part 2: Moving Forward

Course 3: Value Aligned Goal Setting
Part 1: The "Why"
Part 2: The "What"
Part 3: The "How"

Course 4: A Path to Advanced Skills
Part 1: Everyone has Skills
Part 2: Proven Paths to Success

Course 5: A Path to Higher Education
Part 1: Is Higher Education Right for Me?
Part 2: Paying for your Education

Augie Ghilarducci

2nd Opportunity
About the Instructor
Augie Ghilarducci knows what it's like to need a second opportunity; after serving 13 years in prison for white-collar crimes, he launched a second career empowering others to break the chains of their past and create a positive new future. As part of 2nd Opportunity, Augie now delivers his life-skills and employment-readiness programming online, via tablets, and in person in jails and prisons, substance abuse recovery centers, halfway houses, probation departments, and more. 

Course reviews

This program is very helpful and breaks things down to a science. It also will prep you by pointing you in the right direction of the things you want to pursue.
Anibal R.
Program participant, Kane County Jail, Illinois
Thank you whole-heartedly, Mr. Ghilarducci. I will forever be appreciative of the time you shared to help catapult me (and many others) in a positive direction.
Quentin G.
Program participant, via Facebook